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T-Ball is the beginning of a great look at the world of baseball. Although children are still learning basic skills at this level, they will practice the skills for the first half hour with their team-mates, and play a game where every child gets up to bat off the “T” for the second half hour.

Ages: 5-6 as of August 31st of the current year
Rate: Spring 2020 rate is $100.00
Day and time: T-Ball runs twice a week, Monday & Wednesday, from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Season: Mid-May to end-June, wrapping up with a end of season BBQ.
Included in fee: Baseball cap and T-Shirt

Unlike Kinderball, your child *will require a glove* for practice and games, (nothing high end, as it won’t likely fit next year). Note: cleats are not required, but your choice to provide if you choose.

Helmets will be provided, however, for sanitary reasons we recommend providing your child with their own helmet, totally optional.

There will be a snack schedule at the first game where each child will sign up once to provide a nut free snack for their ball team which is generally dispersed after their game is done. Some snack ideas are: Cheese strings, muffins, bear paws, popsicles, yogurt drinks, you get the idea…
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