Mississippi Little League


There are no upcoming events.

Junior Team Page

All schedule and team information can be found on the TEAM CONNECT app.

Step 1: Get the FREE app from your app store (called: Blue Star Team Connect)

Step 2: Login to the TEAM CONNECT app with the same username and password that you used to register your child

Step 3: Your coach will send you an email labelled: "Team Connect Invitation from Mississippi Little League!" which will include a link: "Click here to accept the invitation". Clicking on this link will automatically connect you to your team's information (Team feed, Email & Announcements, Schedule, Roster, etc.).

After following these steps, if you have any issues connecting to the app, at the bottom left of the email that was sent to you, there are 2 links (Easy Instructions for Parents:
How to Join Team Connect - for you and your kids!
) that you can click to bring you to the Team Connect instructions.

Registration Is Open
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