The eye-catching logo starts off with the 'CAPS' part of it, which represents 'C'areton Place, 'A'lmonte, and 'P'akenham. The 'wave' part (and the 'White' in the name) represents the flowing waters / rapids of the Mississippi River which flows through each of our communities.

Mississippi Little League is a registered Not for Profit corporation that was established in 2006 by a group who knew the greatness of this sport and wanted the kids in our communities experience it.  Positioned within 'District 8', it includes kids from Pakenham, Almonte, Carleton Place, Ashton, and everywhere in between. District 8 is part of a greater province-wide organization--Little League Canada.


Our players (ages 3 -16) learn sportsmanship and teamwork first, all while we teach the fundamentals of the game. And most important, we have fun while we do it.


Parents are more than welcome to help their children learn and grow. You'll be surprised what your little athlete can accomplish at the plate and on the field.

We Love this Game

Schedule of Events